daily painting titled Chinese teapot and clementines

Chinese teapot and clementines

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 6 February, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


Ever so lovely. I love the complementary color combination of orange and blue.
You may have been cold, but you have created an exquisite painting despite the hardship. The teapot is wonderful.
absolutely fabulous!
an immense substantiality of that orange
The dragon looks furious!
Really beautiful. The areas around the reflections look real, and the softening of detail away from the reflections adds a beautiful contrast in feel to the image.
Feel like I can just reach in and pick it up ..but guess I won't; hate to break up the arrangement.
Quintessential.Enchanting.I like how the shapes of decorative blue details subtly give to the pot its volume,its presence.Can we go further figuratively speaking? The step after this one isn't it a kind of poetic abstractionism? this painting reminds me (weirdly and confusedly)of Wassily Kandinsky just before he found his way in geometric abstractionism!
The composition is beautifully balanced.
What a lovely addition this will make to someone's home or apartment. It is beautiful!! Jeannine
Very nice. I hope you steeped a cup of orange peko tea to warm yourself and to sit back and admire your work.
The shadows, the light reflection on the jar and clementine. It is as fresh as a spring morning breeze. Cannot fathom how you painted this masterpiece experiencing the utmost cold weather conditions in Provence!
Splendide ! Je suis fan de cette géniale touche de lumière orange à droite de la feuille ! Je lui vois un visage à la théière. Non ? Bon...
Beautiful use of complimentary colors while achieving harmony. Keep painting and stay warm. Frank