daily painting titled In the Marais

In the Marais

18cm x 12cm (7"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 19 August, 2009
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Gorgeous sunlight in the swampland!
This my favorite...beautiful
Fabulous Julian! I can feel the intense sun and love the darkened shadows. This only further proves that you can paint anything! Love it! Thank you!!
Julian, you have so well captured the spirit of this parisian street ( Roi de Sicile street ?). What a wonderful scorching glare of the pavement ! And that lady on a "vélib (?)". And this absent-minded bystander... Two destinies which will never meet again... I hear the tourists further, joyfully crowding forward to see Beaubourg museeum... Some of them savour a delicious ice cream from "Berthillon".
What a lovely view of 'flaneurs" in the Marais. It brings back wonderful memories for me. I love: The colour, red gold, grey both dark and light, and the bluewhite of the pavement with its rosy touches; The stark contrast in dark areas and highly lit ones and the placement of the people who are strolling and looking with a strong light that defines their hats. It is quite a different view from my Sunday visits there when it is very crowded. Of course, as Alain notes, the strollers should end their journey at "Berthillon" on the Isle St-Louis.
Absolutely beautiful!
Beautiful Julian! Your geometry in this piece is fantastic. No piece can be removed from this painting without the entire composition falling apart.
I love these. On a professional note Julian, what painting equipment do you use for these small paintings? I have just bought a small pochade box to paint outdoors and wondered if you used something similar. One day mine will be as good as yours, I hope!
just repeating some other great comments--gorgeous, scorching sunlight. And I stand corrected Alain--so this is the third painting with people. I went back to the April painting of the Pantheon and I repeat what I said then--man, you can paint anything.
You are an amazing artist...it's exquisite!