daily painting titled Le Miroir aux Oiseaux, Martigues

Le Miroir aux Oiseaux, Martigues

17cm x 13cm (7"x5"), oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 15 March, 2007
Posted in Marine paintings


Wow, I love the perspective and the intense color!

Wow. This is quite different, just the essence of your talent with color, light, and shadow. Not an orange, a tablecloth, a wheatfield, a stucco house, or an almond tree in sight, but equally breathtaking.

Lovely! Very French with the color and more abstract which I like.

I agree... wonderfully different, and the abstract quality is quite refreshing. Nice work!

Ooooooh...that's nice!

Bravo, Julian!

Take a look at J's archive.

Love the fact that the reflection makes up most of the composition. Very creative!

Wow! This is so different, I had to do a double-take! Very gorgeous colors and composition. I think my favorite part is the guardrail, such detail with the shadow and even the little bit of gold reflected on top, amazing. Opening my email every day is like opening a present!

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Your paintings are intensely beautiful.

Is it possible to receive these daily? I left art class yesterday very down. when i found this website my enthusiasm returned. Thank You!