daily painting titled The Rhône at Avignon

The Rhône at Avignon

20cm x14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 12 August, 2014
Posted in Landscape paintings


You paint with your feet? :-) ! Nice!
You may have been a bit waterlogged, but your painting has the same sunlight sparkle as those Monet painted from his boat!
Now I know you didn't mean you painted with your feet! Though I don't doubt you could! Bravo.
Sou le pont d'Avignon! Avec les pieds nus! What dedication to your art! And truly worth it.xxKate
The bare feet in the water were worth it! Great painting!
Any scene with water...love it.. sailed along Rhone long ago to Arles and Van Gogh.. golden memory
Lovely! Thank you.
Lovely light! Great delight.
Reminicent of Monet, you capture mood and deatil with such complex style/mood!
Hi Julian , seeing the caption just makes me smile. I imagine how grounded that must make you feel as you block in the scene and paint in those beautiful reflections! You are becoming a master in your own right , doing what is good and necessary to connect with your subject. (Or it could have just been a warm day , you decide) Thanks Craig
Painted with feet in water? No wonder I feel wet, can smell the water, touch the air, all just by looking at this - brilliant!
Why not use a paint brush like everyone else! Love it. V romantic