daily painting titled Three apples

Three apples

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 19 December, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


I thought yesterdays apples were great, these are even better. FANTASTIC painting, Julian.
I will echo Stephen's remark. The two ways you have handled the dark, the apples and the shadows were challenges which you met well!
The Days are Long and the Years are short..And the apples are lovely..
By the chiaroscuro effect, there is something tragic in this one. Lights and shadows play a metaphysical story. The red apple seems attacked by the rotting, of which the shape looks like a calcinated fir tree. The thin bumps,like wrinkles,of the surface add to that feeling of decay. The apples behind by their green color, recall that before the last period of life, there are two wonderful states, youth and maturity, so precious, so transient too. These two green apples respectfully let the patriarch be the star once last time, as on a stage. One of your more moving still life, Julian.
I love what Alain said, and I love your painting, too!
Nice apples Julian - seems to me they are of the Rorschach variety!
I love the way the tactile sense of the skin is communicated and how strongly 3 dimensional your apples are. Both with a relaxed treatment and masterly balance.
First, I liked Alain's philosophical comment - which is a reality of life ... Second, here Julian, you have put the depth and the third dimension on a canvass that no one can easily handle ! you have mastered the light and shade and taking benefit of this to create 3D on a 2D piece of paper !!! Best wishes and congratulations - Mahendra
Thanks, Susan, I am also impressed by the 3D effect Julian has brought here - it is not ordinary.
Wow Julian, These look so crisp... mouthwatering! I can almost here the crunch when bitten into.! Tish.
I agree too with the comments of Susan Johnson and Mahendra about the amazing 3D effect.
Dear Julian, the three ravishing apples emerging into the spotlight from the penumbra of the background could have been painted by Caravaggio. Deep down in his basement studio. The shadowed green apple in the background is very important(just as important as the more detailed red apple in the foreground) as it greatly supports the illusion of depth. Anna.