daily painting titled Cabanon


20cm x 14cm, oil on panel (approx 8"x5½") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 10 September, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


Really lovely work! Thank-you.

Wonderful light in this. Some things are already turning around Tennessee as well. I think because we've had a very hot and dry summer.

What a suggestive sense of spatiality all around this colored "cabanon"!

I love its tranquility and peace -thank you. A


Can you explain what a cabanon is relative to other structures around you?

An agricultural stone building, uninhabited, used seasonally by shepherds, grape pickers etc. Some are the size of a very small house with fireplace and an upper floor. Very rudimentary in comparison to farmhouses and not usually more than 500 sq. ft. A satelite building for a farm.