daily painting titled Morning near St. Pierre-de-Vassols

Morning near St. Pierre-de-Vassols

19cm x 13cm, oil on panel (approx 8"x5") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 31 August, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


Wonderful sense of light. Somehow you've conveyed the time of day in a very real way. What a beautiful morning it was!
Julian, I can't tell you how much I love receiving your postcards. They are so inspirational especially to other artists like myself. Your sense of light is other-worldly.
Light, Depth, Texture, Color, Value -- truly amazing how you do it, Julien. Your daily painting has enhanced what you already had.
Again, I really love the variety you have in your greens.
What a wonderful lesson of painting! The proud cypress in the distance is the key of the composition:it is the centre of gravity that defines the balance of the whole painting. Nevertheless,the slight slant towards the left side of the vineyard subtly gives to this impressionist work,its modernity!The shadows in the foreground echo the clusters of trees on both sides of the farm house.At last,the lavander blue colors of the sky, walls and those hidden into the shadows of the foreground give a great charm and the unity to this landscape.Definitely,a beautiful lesson of painting!
I love the way you paint leaves! Just simple strokes of warm and cool colors that come together so beautifully. You're such a master. I love looking at every one of your paintings, Julian.
Your work is truly an inspiration to me Julian. I am so happy to open my email everyday and see what you have painted. Thank you!!! I hope my work does the same for someone today. I have made some notecards of my pastels, oils and watercolors and found even with the low cost in selling them it is getting my work out there and potential buyers are coming to me. Keep painting Julian! I hope and pray I do the same!
I like this picture very much. I've also checked you out on a map, you know, like just where are these little places in France located. I may just show up for a cup of tea some day. I am also hoping to purchse your book as a Christmas present. Take care Julian and be grateful for the rain! Sr. Ellen
I love the surprising punch the pink on the lower edge of the painting gives to the image. It surrises the viewer and intrigues her. Thanks Alain for the lesson in painting,