daily painting titled Route de Crillon-le-Brave, printemps

Route de Crillon-le-Brave, printemps

18cm x 12.5cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 13 May, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


...And when I took my walking stick,a gracious voice soughed: -go through that Gothic vault made by the trees then follow the sunny path...You will reach then a church in the distance on top of a hill flooded by light,close to the divine sky,on the far right..." A few hours later,the waves made by the trees as mad as hell on the right,have calmed down and the red wildflowers turned into bleeding hearts: right then the angels of springtime began to sing,joyously.
Estimado y muy ponderado Julian, cada día espero ansioso el correo con esa "obrita" de arte, aclaro que el diminutivo es debido al tamaño. Espero el próximo año poder sumarme a uno de los cursos. Solo debo ahorrar, para poder trasladarme y poder contratarlo, no olvides que vivo en Uruguay. Recibe un cordial saludo, extensivo a la familia. Rodolfo
just great.
Pure poetry in the paint and in the words... thanks to Julian and Alain.
When I open the email and see your beautiful moving paintings they always transform me to a different place. Thanks for your words and art. They are always gifts that I look forward to receiving. Take care and many thanks
I, too, am impressed by your scene, Julian, and the words Alain put to your painting! I bet the people coming are as excited as they can be to actually meet you, and watch you paint, as well as paint along side of you. Maybe next year for me if you decide to do another workshop.
I wish I could be there. Perhaps one day I can take your course. I look forward to your daily paintings. Thanks for your ouvre. Well I spelled it wrong didn't I. Best wishes, LaWanda
Lovely, calming... Does it mean we won't hear from you for a week Julian?
this one was lovely and thank you especially, as i know you have much to do to prepare for coming students. wonder if you might post some of yr students paintings if you are too busy to do one of yr own? thanks as always, grace.
Have a great workshop and take care of my friends Suzanne deLesseps and Bobbie Heath!