daily painting titled Winter reflections, Marseille

Winter reflections, Marseille

17cm x 11cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 7 January, 2013
Posted in Marine paintings


This is different! Great composition and color. Its good to try new motifs. I like it very much.
Such a tiny but magnificent view of an ancient city.
Hi Julian - another gem - they all are, but this one in particular simply took my breath away when I opened the email. Just incredible the way you make that water so gorgeous, real, luscious, tactile . . . just can't find all the adjectives to describe it's beauty. And I love the point of view - we're there, in the moment more so than a full view of the boats would've allowed. Once more - my eternal thanks. You have no idea how much pleasure you disseminate throughout the world.
I heartily agree with Marcia...just amazing!
Such a tiny view of an ancient city!
Love the colour and the brush strokes!
Exquisite blues, the movement in the water is magical.
This is really very cleverly done, instead of the usual 'mirror' image reflection that you see in many paintings, this catches the subtle movement of the water yet, it is still obviously a reflection of the white berthed boats and the lovely blue Med' sky.
Delightful! Those bright clear colors contrasted with the deep darks, I know it's a winter, light-filled day. Wish I were there!
Hi Julian , I would like to echo all of the comments. I love it , the water is truly beautiful. Thank you very much , it makes me long for the ocean. Thanks again , Craig