daily painting titled Morning near Malaucene

Morning near Malaucene

20cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 20 June, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


such subtle colors! something abt this painting makes me feel i am THERE....thank you,julian. gfs
How so many tangled dashes build a coherent painting.The white wildflowers sparkle like champagne!The village in the distance is a miracle of pictorial simplicity!What a delightful feeling it would be to suddenly hurtle down the warm road while singing...rapture of the deep...but as far as possible without falling down!
That's beautiful!!
God, that's beautiful!
I love the depth you achieved and the light, too, in this little painting. It is amazing how you used the subtle colors and loose strokes to a finish that has such a real likeness to this location.
Fresh! I want to walk right into this scene.
Hi Julian, It's so interesting to see which path we are going down when viewing your landscapes. Some twist and turn and others more straight. No matter the design or composition the colors are always brilliant how you go about placing your shapes etc. On this painting the splash of color mingled within the white brings such a pleasing feeling to the eye. Mornings are so enjoyable the light so soft and dim before the sun rises higher in the sky. You capture it so very well. Enjoy your weekend.