daily painting titled Cliff Path above Cassis

Cliff Path above Cassis

15cm x 13cm, oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 13 June, 2007
Posted in Marine paintings


Nice. Great PUNCH and subtlety at the same time. Love it.

Julian, please be carefull on the cliff paths above Cassis. Looks like a steep drop!...

Actually the highest sea cliffs in Europe, the other side of that tree is a sheer 3000ft fall to the Mediterranean.

I was perched above a road on a very uncomfortable new tripod stool so if I'd fallen it would have been less serious (excepting traffic accidents). Actually the stool was so dangerous and uncomfortable I finished by standing up - anyone want to buy a folding stool little used?

Lovely! I was just there...the blue of the sky, the sea...breathtaking!