daily painting titled May road

May road

21cm x 13cm (8"x5") oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 1 May, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


Such a wonderful painting! The colour and light are amazing.Welcome home, its great to have you back.
It is spring. Glad you are back to work! Time to travel the road.
Thank you for sharing the glorious photographs of your supreme familial contentment! Congratulations, Louis is an angelic bundle of joy and your beautiful painting reflects this happiness and contentment!
Wrong day to post this lovely painting. Its just so overshadowed by Louis Joseph! So thrilled for you,and thank you so much for sharing your joy with us!! Love, Lynn
I can't seem to get to your photos. Can you send me the web address?
Not a good day to show this lovley painting. Louis Joseph, and his glowing parents are overshadowing it!! Thank you for sharing these photographs and your joy with us!!!!
"Welcome to earth, my child! Joybells of blossom swing, Lambs and lovers have their fling, The streets run wild with April airs and rumours of the sun. We time-worn folk renew ourselves at the enchanted spring, As though mankind's begun Again in you. This is your birthday and our Thanksgiving." Cecil Day-Lewis (written for his son Daniel Day-Lewis)
just checked out the family photos...lucky you and lucky Louis...you all look so happy and contented with life! And,yes,the picture is wonderful,too, but that's a given with you, Julian!
Congratulations on Louis!! Many blessings to you all!
Congratulations on Louis!! Many blessings to you all! Thanks for sharing the photos.
Louis is a beautiful child; and he looks as though he is a child brimming with equanimity and good cheer.
What a beautiful baby! Its a joyous occaission for all. I'll bet we'll see a portrait soon. Congratulations.
Welcome back Julian! It is so great to see your work again. I love this painting--it is so bright and cheerful--befitting to your new circumstances I'm sure. Louis is so precious and you all look so happy! Wishing you all a lifetime of happiness! Congrats and Enjoy!
Beautiful, beautiful captures of happiness. Thank you for sharing. All the best.
O my, how do I get the pictures to see Louis and the whole family?
...and how can I find Ruth's flickr album? Such mysteries.
LouisJoseph is such a handsome little man! There is such character already in his sweet face. And the joy on your faces is unmistakeable. You are blessed - happy happy times!
Louis is absolutely beautiful!!! Those eyes! You can tell how intelligent he is. You and Ruth are in for a miraculous journey and I can tell how happy you both are already. Thank you for sharing these fabulous photos. And, of course, your painting is wonderful!
I am so happy that you have your little LouisJoseph. A miracle! Don't have a clue how to find Ruth's flickr album.
in bamako http://www.flickr.com/photos/93563935@N00/sets/72157626392045487/ at home http://www.flickr.com/photos/93563935@N00/sets/72157626498744491/
It was worth the long wait! Louis is such a bundle of joy! Congratulations. Happy paarenting.
What an angel of beauty and grace, your little Louis! You and Ruth radiate happiness and joy. I agree with Charlotte...how could you resist painting that incredible smile and those glorious skin tones? Congratulations to all three of you...thanks for letting us share this precious moment. And yes, the painting is perfect...it speaks of new beginnings.
May all the good wishes for you and Ruth and Louis Joseph come true. How wonderful to see the photos of your happy, happy little boy! Thank you for sharing them.
Welcome home to all of you.
Wonderful to have my Postcard back again.Hope you had a lovely time and are suitably refreshed. Kind Regards, Robert.
Welcome back hone to you both and congrats!! Julian this is beautiful, you can "feel"the fresh air and warmth from the sun. such a fresh painting, Tish.
Congrats to all of you. Louis is beautiful. Enjoy this magical time.
Well, it took me a long time to scroll down past all the comments praising this. This painting is absolutely brimming with life and nature. It is one of your very best. I am in awe. To those trying to get to the website for family photos of Louis with new mom and dad, Ruth and Julian...make sure the url starts with http://. I loved the pictures of you and Ruth with baby Louis. Congratulations on your new life together. Best always, Mary Anne from Berkeley