daily painting titled Roses in a silver goblet

Roses in a silver goblet

16cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 23 September, 2014
Posted in Flower paintings


Gorgeous painting!
Oh, you would!!!!....and my ship hasn't come in yet, or I would definitely be bidding.
Beautiful!!! But just what is the reflection below?
Your paintings are so beautiful...I especially love the yellow and lavender lemony still life paintings, and this gorgeous one...I'm still holding on to all the good things from this summer..thank you...
Oh my .... how very pretty!! I love the shy ones sitting back there in the shadows. You did an amazing job on the container and its lovely reflections. I'd love to paint as loosely as you!
excellent painting !
Dear Julian, I am tickled pink by the roses and so enjoy your various takes on that chardinesque goblet.The painting has such depth with the roses at the back receding into obscurity. The soft blues and greys at the base of the foreground are crucial,lifting the darkness and creating a harmonious whole. Wow!! Anna.