daily painting titled Toy train

Toy train

18cm x 13cm (approx 5"x4") oil on board Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Wednesday 22 February, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


Now we know there is a child in your life!
This train looks well loved, by a special little boy.
My once little boy (now 21) was obsessed with Thomas and all trains of the world.
A whole new subject area! Too precious ~ hope Louis will have a painting of his own to treasure some day, (his first little train). Interesting how bad weather leads to new creations which have such revelance. Thank You!
Dear Julian, Cute! Cute! (Actually, very skillful and evocative of love and tenderness . . . but all that didn't rhyme.)
Now that is what I call a departure!!
Oh Goodness! This is FAB - but can you sing the song and remember all the words????????xxm
...and will there be prints????
Ah, this reminds me so much of Thomas, a childhood love of my grandson. This picture is quite a departure from your other still life works......you must have been thinking about your childhood....if so, good for you.
I love it, each and every brush stroke makes me want to keep looking. Thanks for allowing me to see your work each day. It is so inspiring.
what a delightful picture. Love the colors.Madeleine
Oh, boy! Toys are in our future!
My two-year old nephew loves Thomas, as well. Mary Anne from California
SO sweet!
The new child inference is noted, and the comments about "a great departure" is my feeling as well. Not only a 'toy' per se, but very much as "Folk Art." There must be many more artifacts of this type of local art in your immediate surroundings that could be interesting as a still life. Fruit and vegetables show your expert painting technique, but can be tedious to see daily. Yes, absolutely a creative departure I would like to see more of. Thanks....I delight in seeing how your art reflects who you are.
so happy to see you 'off the track', as it were. This is a delight. Ron
Choo choo!
I am a pastel artist, my subject is women. Therefore, for a change of subject matter, I look forward to your work each day, to remind me of everyday objects that I love. May you have continued success.
Very nice! I wonder how long you were able to keep Thomas for your painting before receiving some complaint.
I love when you surprise us with something different! Simply charming!
I absolutely LOVE this Julian!!!!
Startling,Thomas, and soooo much fun, Julian and Louis!
Who doesn't love a toy train?? I have a 58 year old (ahemm)who still has his Lionel's.. bridges , tunnels..smoking locomotives! Enjoy!
LOVE it!! My son is 14 now, but had a long Thomas craze from 2-6 yrs!!
Oh my, I hope we see more Thomas trains.
The Train invites to be painted, and deserves it,
Now....that's a really useful engine!!
An artist after my own heart! Great job, Julian!
I can see by the other comments that you struck gold with this one! I too, feel eternally sunshiny when I look at this train. Such good color and feel..wow. L-o-v-e it.
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! So very simple, so darling and delightful! I want one too!!! Is your birthday on the 25th or 26th? It's clear that you are reliving your own delightful childhood with Louis!!!