daily painting titled Bowl and clementine

Bowl and clementine

16cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 27 January, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Hallucinated vision. The reflections through the black bowl have something mysterious and disturbing as a scene of a horror movie: the window on the upper right is open... The white net curtains are flitting, silently, because of the insidious wind. The girl(pretty of course)is wisely sleeping in her big white bed on the left side of the bowl... Dracula(certainly played here by Christopher Lee)is already there, behind the bed, smiling, blood-thirsty, wearing orange(Why orange? He is usually dressed in black and red)... But where is the hero? Confined perhaps by the will of the vampyr into the innocent clementine? Oh My God I do not want to know the end of that frightening story! Poor little pretty princess!
Gorgeous Julian!! Such a beautiful deep color in the pottery which makes the orange even more vibrant!!
Whoa - Alain's description gripped me in suspense! Your painting could be turned into a movie mystery or horror story. Your painting could be like Edvard Munch's "The Scream." (Alain, of course, would have to write the script.) That said, I didn't see any of this until I read Alain's description. I just thought it was a nicely painted piece, colorful, with a nice olive background, including another artist's bowl. (I also include other artists' pieces in my paintings, occasionally.) However, I like Alain's rendition better than mine! Looking forward to what you do next, Julian. I have admired everything you do.
just dam perfect!
Beautiful relationship between the two objects both in size and colour. The orange of the clementine really sends the vase back into the shadows and the colour punches out the clementine. Steve
Julian Thank you! I have not read your 'story line' before - how wonderful! Regards Sarah Orchard
Amazing, Evelyn! Munch is my favourite Master of all! Fascinating destiny. Fascinating expressionism. In the case of the current painting of Julian, the clementine turned into a bright sun, so quickly the vampyr had to leave, while the young girl was still peacefullly sleeping. But his prince charming, though released, had also disappeared without leaving any trace... What happened to him?
"...his...", Evelyn, is in my reply a Freudian slip!
I love the deep indigo colour of the ceramic, it really shows off the vibrant colours of the fruit. This picture would look fabulous in an elaborate frame. The white brushstrokes certainly add another dimension to the piece.
sorry about that, my computer was playing up!!
Dear Julian,a sober still life, tobacco brown background, dark reflective bowl,all coming alive with an injection of sharp,glossy orange!Stylish and " moderne". Read Alain's interpretation late last night and made sure no net curtains flitted and the front door was bolted! Spooky.... Anna.
To Alain: Freudian slip? I've made those before. I do like your alliteration about the clementine turning into a bright sun. Julian, it is the mark of a master when his/her paintings create such interest, meaning, and study - beyond just the visual - you have accomplished that, in my opinion.
Alain has it right; there is something very mysterious about this painting.