daily painting titled Path to the herb garden, la Madelene#2

Path to the herb garden, la Madelene#2

12cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 13 June, 2015
Posted in Landscape paintings


"Lush Life". Love it.
What a charming light-dappled path; you always capture sunlight and shadows so perfectly! Well done.
Path No. 1 - it looks a different time of day - the light is warmer and showing some sparkles of sun on the path Path No. 2 - the light is cooler and more subtle grays on the path. The dark arch of greens giving it a dramatic atmosphere.
Nailed it!
Both are very good, Julian, but I like the depth and more of the top of the hedge better in this one. Both have "the light" that sings in your paintings.
A more solemn approach.The earth hues have replaced the lavender atmosphere.A kind of gravity has replaced the impressionistic style of yesterday: evocative power of the colors which suggests two moments of a same "portrait". Variations like the Rouen cathedrals of Monet?
Dear Julian, very interesting!This is sharper, the shadows more defined, the palette more sombre.Personally I prefer the first version.To me it has a quality of light and mood which is hard to surpass. The second painting, as beautiful as it is and had I not seen the first version, probably would have raved about equally, has a "deliberation" about it that the first one is without in my opinion. The path in the second version seems longer without as much of the tantalising golden haze beyond the arched hedge, the hedge, which seem to loom darker as if time has passed beyond a certain golden hour. To put it simply, I can hear the sound of humming bees in the first version.
Agree with Anna....liked the first one better....more mysterious and enticing to follow the path thru the arch. Thank you.