daily painting titled Banks of the Seine

Banks of the Seine

17cm x 12.5cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 4 March, 2013
Posted in Paintings of Paris


Dear Julian, lovely early spring light with a moody Paris feel... must be nice to get back home and relax in the hills of Provence though! Was little Louis excited about all the new impressions?

Maybe I will get to see this in real life someday but I am quite content to view it through your eyes...it looks quite beautiful.

Ma ville preferee du monde! Les jardins du Luxembourg, le restaurant La Mediterrane, le Marmottan,l' Hotel du College de France (5th), L'orgue a St. Sulpice, St. Etienne du Mont--je peux continuer.......

Even in the dead of winter Paris is beautiful , I'm wondering how the concert(s) went and how your son liked the train?

Love it and subtle colours too
Look forward to many of Paris...eases the ache of not being able to get there

Ah Paris indeed, but even more stunning under your expert eye

Hello Jo Ann, and �tes-vous mont�e tout en haut des tours de la cath�drale Notre Dame?
The view from up there is amazing! And this would be an opportunity to read, there, these few sentences of Victor Hugo: "All Paris was spread out at his feet, with her thousand turrets, her undulating horizon, her river winding under the bridges, her stream of people flowing to and fro in the streets; with the cloud of smoke rising for her many chimneys; with her chain of crested roofs pressing in ever tightening coils round about Notre Dame".
And you can admire, too, into the main aisle of the church, all the new bells of Notre Dame, lined up, for some time yet.

Wonderful composition. And I knew it was Paris before I read a word!

Wow what a great, great painting Julian,
Worthy of the Louve!!!