daily painting titled Irises in a white vase

Irises in a white vase

13cm x 18cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 8 April, 2011
Posted in Flower paintings


Sympathies to Ruth, I'd surely feel upset too..but we are the beneficiaries. The surface of the vase is beautiful.
the vase looks so breakable, almost mother of pearl. Naturally the Irises are gorgeous, I've many varieties, but nothing blooming yet!
i can FEEL the "velvety" petals of the iris...beautiful...thanks as always gfs
Beautiful...I can smell them. Thank you, Julian. Mary Anne
Beautiful high contrast with such delicate nuance in the vase. So sorry about the iris bed, but so happy about the painting.
Beautiful and different. I love it.
This still life is different than the others I have seen. Much less dramatic contrast in light and dark. Very light in feeling. I like it!
All I can say is: WOW!!! It is amazing,Julian.
Despite the punch of the purple iris petals, the vase alsmost seems to float on the surface of the image. It is magical as is the return of spring, flowers and trees.
I love the highlight on the white vase, and the boldness of the flowers contrasted with their pale surroundings.
I said magical in my comment, but ethereal was the word I was really seeking.
Just right.
Huge congratulations and felicitations on both your babies,[ book and baby] to Ruth and Julian ! May your trip to pick him up go wonderfully well.
What a beautiful result of the damage--lemons to lemonade. And I wish you much joy with your new little one. Many warm wishes, Naomi