daily painting titled Clementines on a french cloth

Clementines on a french cloth

17cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 3 December, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Your still lifes are changing. Since back from Venice, I notice the paint is less subtle. The Clem's are not quite Clem's, the cloth is not quite cloth. That cloth is in a dozen other pieces, but there it's cloth. Here it's cloth being painted. Is this an intended trend? The piece is very alive and exciting as was the portrait. Just wondering.
You mentioned you were up late, and now I'm thinking these two clementines are nicely tucked in bed. However, there is agitation in the cloth (sheets). There is a Baroque energy to this piece, with lots of movement in this "still" life.
This painting shows this is the artist who prevails over the real, and not the opposite. So hard target to reach.And yes, there is a "Baroque energy"in this work!
Dear Julian, deep in the night truth lives! A case in point was the interesting self portrait. Despite zapping yourself with your current timetable, there is indeed a special energy here, hope I will see this blue striped torchon painted even when it has become a threadbare rag, please don't ever chuck it!A testament to domesticity, tucked around fruit and other objects like a Madonna's robe. Anna H,