daily painting titled Red Cabanon

Red Cabanon

16cm x 14cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Tuesday 22 August, 2006
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"Avis aux amateurs!"

Attention � l'authenticit� des oeuvres pr�sent�es....

Je n'arrive pas aujourd'hui � �tre certain que celle-ci soit r�ellement de Julian; tout simplement parcequ'� l'�cran elle ne me semble pas sign�e....

Rien de grave car peut-�tre ce d�tail en ferat-il une pi�ce d'exception, marqu�e par sa singularit� ?!

R�dig� avec toute mon amiti� aux peintres et aux amateurs d'art

Huh? Say, what?

Manuel, regarder dans les ombres y aurait-il un semblant de griffonnage comme signature?
Julian - like the abstract shapes - sign or not!

He's basically saying that he thinks this is a fake or a forgery and not a true "Julian" because the signature is not easily discernable. It's not signed like Julian's other work. Of course the painting is not a fake and is obviously Julian's. I think Manuel's message is meant to be humorous and is from a friend of Julian's. Julian's friends often seem to have a bizzare sense of humor.

Thanks for the explanation. Guess I better take up French.

I guess Julian can sell any old thing.

Huh? Say what?

Whoa, Louis! That was really harsh, dude.

he's just jealous

I didn't think Louis meant that, I thought he meant I could sell paintings even without signatures, I may be wrong. Signature now in place; I signed it after I took the photo as I was running out of light.

you're a good man, Julian.

Thanks a lot julian for your fast rectification!I was not quitely sure of me.

Lol is right, I am jealous just because I love the painting and the painter.

And when one likes...

Yes Abelardo is right too.

My special sense of humor is "bizzare", but it was just here to speak with a little distance about this exceptional work that I found so particular and so singular.

Studying besides near with big interest the oddness of this piece I presumed the signature absence; for me it was a real d�tail, but in fact, I took it to express my strong sensation to be in front of a very special kind of work, nearly a "pi�ce unique" !

I apologize for my french and my english language; and for my singular sense of humor and of the "production".

Written with all my friendship to the painters and to the amateurs of art

I really love your prints, but each day, they are always "sold" before I have a chance to buy any of them....How can I more quickly get your prints for purchase before they are "sold"?????