daily painting titled Ploughed Field and Turning Vines

Ploughed Field and Turning Vines

15cm x 14cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Friday 27 October, 2006
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Simply amazing. After six month sof bidding, I am hopeful this will b emy lucky day. Cheers!

enchanting - wish I was there.

Once again got a bid in but still waiting to be among the chosen. Hope springs eternal, and I really like this one.

this is one of the most delectable of all. the gorgeous swipe of trees by the house--i love the way the environment embraces the building.

a superb interpretation of autumn's hues; really great contrast between field and sky.

The balance between the wisp of the jet trail cloud and the solid plowed earth is what makes this painting so wonderful. That and your terrific handling of light. Always delightful to see what ou come up with.


this is so delectable! I wanted to try for it, but got caught up in a meeting at work. Too hard to explain"...'scuse me, er..i gotta go try to be first in line for a postcard from Provence..." !



We're smitten by the light in this one! It's a beeline from the eye to the heart-simply wonderful!

What a beautiful combination of simplicity and complexity! Simple forms in the sky, mountain and dark trees set off by complex bits of color that make up the buildings, the lighter trees in the mid-ground and the texture in the foreground field. A perfect balance. Bravo!! I so enjoyed seeing this!

Julian,I looove your paintings. May I know with what brushes you paint those small size ones?? thank you to brighten my days with your woderful paintings