daily painting titled Cherries


20cm x 12cm (7¾"x4¾"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 11 May, 2009
Posted in Still life paintings


Once again, you've done what Alain described in speaking of your technique in regard to the Yellow Rose. I'm particularly fond of your reflections, as you (and Ruth) well know.I'm intrigued by those on the last two cherries on the right. The reflections almost seem to resemble a lady in a white bonnet, but beauty (or here, I'd say the intrigue) lies in the eye of the beholder.
To jol Ruth and Julian. Time flies...Time is short... Dazzling body language! Figurative "action painting"! Mysterious feeling, the shape of these four cherries overall seems to be the symbolic signature of the painter being like an equivalent to the real signature down right..." Origamic gesture". Like an underground psychoanalytical urge. Like a moving testimony. Supreme privilege of the artist who is on the peak: spontaneity ( like Franz Hals Fragonard or Picasso), painting here and now, masterizing the ephmerality of the instant like a last hearbeat,like a last breath,oh my God like a last gasp!
Such a lovely work of art! I think I see the lady in a bonnet too, only on the last one cherry though. Love the deep colors that were used for this. Very striking and classy. Thanks!
Hi Julian Your brushstrokes in this painting really put you 'in the picture.' The mystery is: Where are those luscious cherries situated?
I note too the light spot of colour just beneath the separated cherry on the left which gives a feeling of waving surface, of swaying tempo to the whole painting like a silent rolling. It's obvious, this "humble" still life contains a lot of buried treasures!
Woo! Love it!