daily painting titled Self portrait

Self portrait

17cm x 15cm (7"x5½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 28 September, 2010
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Fabulous Julian! The highlights sing!! Plus you don't look too shabby in that goatee!
Best of the self-portraits yet! Instead of slightly crazy, here I feel I can see the eyes of someone who has earned the truth, a master.
What a fantastic self portrait, I've been part of the bidding war and very sadly had to retire! Congratulations on the amazing work you've been doing.
Me too Jenny!! Sad...sad...sad!!!!! :0(
as a student in your master class, i sit in awe once again...thanks professor julian!
OH MY .... SO VERY VERY NICE ..... BRAVO ..... Suzy
Truly inspirational....
you and karen jurick i am so inspired by you both!
A bit older but more like an 'artist' than ever and doing wonderful work.
Ah, the man behind the eye and brush. Thanks, Mr Merrow-Smith, for your considered intensity and the art you send us daily.
Absolutely beautiful. My favorite self-portrait to date. Goatee suits you.
This is wonderful! I love all your work, but am particularly drawn to this portrait.
Julian, You're a classic...in more ways than one. Thanks for the daily inspiration.
L o v e l y
Intense, sensitive. A pocket Rembrandt.
Amazing and unforgettable look!
how boring - I seem to agree with all the above...I haven't even bothered trying to bid as I am sure this "go well" - but I think shirley has got the "pocket rembrant" about right.Well done jms..x
Well I agree with all of you about the painting and the painter BUT what about the man?I had a fright when I open my pc and said to myself "what has happen to him!" Monique
Correction : "what has happened to him" and no it is not a "nice" painting...wrong word
He needs a haircut and a shave (and probably to get out more)
holy shit. this is good. stop over-analyzing, people. yes, 'the man in the mirror' looks a tad tired, and he has a haunted look in his eyes, but maybe just maybe he is concentrating too hard on his work, and that's the cause of that look. awesome painting.
How courageous of you, Julian to paint yourself. This is THE best of the self portraits. I don't think you need a haircut, but if I lived where you do, I would take a stroll and perhaps go to a restaurant with Ruth. Note to Alain: I have been wondering how you are. It's good to see a comment from you. B.
I love your honesty, and if the shaggy hair and beard (which I LOVE by the way - a tamed man is a boring man, in my opinion) are a by-product of your beautiful work that's all the better.
Bravo, Julian.
Feel very privileged to have a tiny wonderful brush stroke of your life arrive each day but this..... this is something extraordinary. Somehow strong and vulnerable at once... wow.
loved this and your eyes which seem to be saying something this time...not just intently staring. liked the goatee as well....is that a little gray? thnx for sharing yrself with us. gfs
yes, that's my first bit of grey, fortunately it only appears in the unkempt, needs a shave, version of the artist!
Julian - I love this painting, and however windswept and interesting your portraits become, you'll always be 'Fluffy' to me! x Mhairi
Oh to paint like this!
A very important selfportrait. Very expressive, and aslo sad experiences of life. I like it very much!
I, too, think this is a wonderful portrait - you have an extremely deep, loving and spiritual expression coming from your eyes. I could live with it! I hope you will include this one in your next book.
Does anyone else catch a little hint of Russell Crowe?
Julian, I do not know you, but perhaps some day will see you and say - My goodness. You are Julian! Gil
Fantastic shadows and color range. A moment for all time. You smarty pants!
Hey DonaS, Hmmm .... the Russell Crowe of painting. Could be, but we'd have to hear him speak - or at least see him throw a telephone.