daily painting titled Above Crillon-le-Brave

Above Crillon-le-Brave

17cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 24 February, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


This is beautiful!
This is wonderfully impressionistic. I love those brushstrokes.
One of your most original paintings for my part since...The beginning!Here I appreciate the creativity of a brush with complete freedom!A teetering picture as many landscapes of Soutine!A sloping skyline which marries the roundness of the Earth,and,and...A hallucinating vision: a gigantic fish,in profile,with its wide-open mouth,is going to swallow a smaller one!They fill together the whole vegetation and earth.The purple colour is haunting. This painting strictly comes from the Unconscious.
Hi Julian, I have been receiving your posts for quite awhile now and I want to let you know how much I enjoy them and look forward to them. I am an artist as well and It is so wonderful to be able to see such wonderful paintings from other artists. I just started daily painting recently, and I am determined to increase my skill level. Thanks again for the daily inspiration.
Hi Julian, This is pure poetry !! I can feel the joy you felt in the creation !!!! How lovely !!!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful art with us.
This is magical; the perspective and colours make this unique. When I am there in September, I will have to find this place. Bravo Julian
I love the unusual colors.
This is one of those masterworks that shock me with simplicity(?) and truth. I see it and think "Of course! This is the way it must be painted," even though only the master could have conceived it and made it happen. Bravo!