daily painting titled Chemin des Vignes

Chemin des Vignes

16cm x13 cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Thursday 9 March, 2006
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have you ever considered putting your paintings on EBAY so more of us can get a chance to purchase them? Your work is lovely - thank you.

Beautiful, I can almost smell the dusty road. And, very faintly, taste the wine that would meet me at the end of this little journey. Delightful!

Don't change a thing about this project! I don't see this as a commercial venture, and its enough to see France through your eyes everyday. Maybe one day I'll get lucky and buy one, maybe not. But that's all part of the charm of this unique site.

I love this. Want to be there.

I agree with mike campbell...don't change a thing. The point is to enjoy the daily beauty of the piece and not about outbidding someone.

Your postcards are fantastic!

I also agree with Mike and Jacques. Don't go the EBay route. I look forward to seeing your paintings when you're ready to post them on your website. Keep what's unique-your art and your way of making art for everyone to enjoy.

Please, please, please no Ebay. Someday I expect to get lucky and purchase a postcard. In the meantime I look forward each day to the e-mail from Julian that signals a morning break for something particularly lovely.