daily painting titled Winter shadows

Winter shadows

20cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 8 January, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


An impressionist painting worthy of Camille Pissarro.Serene,colorful,atmospheric.The bright spot on the grass,the small ray of light at the end of the path and the white window full of sun make this view lively despite the sense of stillness. Perfection.
Beautiful. You must have felt happy while painting and after completing this one.
Completely love this. The light stirs hope, and makes me want to start some seeds for the garden (here in southern California).
Hi Julian I can imagine driving along that road and loving every minute of it. It is as Alain says, "perfection."
Like Alain I immediately thought of Pissaro when I saw this one. Great work Julian
This surpasses perfection!!! I am in awe. Thank you for this, Julian. All the best in '13. Sandra
Love the snatches of brilliant sunlight and love the blue of that winding road.
This is a technical question. I have tried bidding on a couple of your paintings over the last year. It is obvious that there are bidders out there using software that automatically ups their bids such that you cannot out bid them - unless you go beyond their hypothetical top bid... Do you have any information about how these systems work? I would like to buy one of your paintings and I'm never successful. Maybe if I were able to automatically bid (up to my personal ceiling of course) I would be successful. Thank you for your gorgeous paintings which make logging onto my computer much more pleasurable. And thank you for any insight you may have into this vexing problem!
Dear Julian, beautiful shadows and textures in lavender greys,ochres and umbers. The slumbering old walls,the bristly,untidy winter trees. The precious sunlight giving life. Exquisite! Less "fauve" than "Winter morning in Mazan". Anna.
My Daughter put me on to you and I am most grateful. Your work is exceptional and so inspiring. I look long and hard trying to learn everyday. I love to paint and now that I am 75 I have more time. You make my day brighter and i eagerly await your day's offering.Thank you. Anita
It's nothing as technical as you imagine. It's a common confusion but if someone places a bid at the beginning of the auction for say $500 and if that remains the only bid the painting is sold at the minimum price of $100. In the same way if a second person joins the auction later, seeing the current price is at $100 and they place the minimum required bid of $101 (current price plus one dollar) they will find that they are are outbid (by the existing $500 bid) and the price will go up to $101. Now the minimum bid is $102 and if the new bidder continued to increase their bid each time by say $10 they would still be outbid each time until they passed the existing bid of $500 by at least one dollar. Sometimes it can seem as if someone is instantly outbidding you but in fact it's just that there is already a high bid on the table and you are uncovering it each time you bid. The auction system bids only as much of the leading bidders money as is required to guard their position (unless outbid of course), the only way to find out how much anyone else has bid is to outbid them, but obviously that's not always possible