daily painting titled Venetian doorway

Venetian doorway

15cm x 20cm (6"x8"), oil on masonite Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Saturday 6 November, 2010
Posted in Paintings of Venice
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Another and different gem. I love the hint of light moving across the doorway and the stone work on either side. I was thinking as I gazed upon this that it must give you so much pleasure to be able to create things as beautiful as these you share with us. Thank you, once again!
Bewitching.A heightened aesthetic pleasure.
This is gorgeous!
This one generated an instant Oooooh! I love the play of light, the perfect balance of detail and lack of detail, the brushwork, the pallette, the composition, the mood. It's really a gem.
oh, Julian, this leaves me without words. and that doesn't happen often. holy shit, this is soooo good. i can't stop glaring at it. this is too good.
Hi Julian, There's something wonderful about this painting that leaps out from the recent Venetian ones. To me it seems like your time there has come together and found expression in this painting - this is just too beautiful for words.
The light is beautiful. The mood wonderfully mysterious. The values perfect. A marvelous painting.
So much to enjoy here - the brief brush work, satisfying composition, warm light on ancient surfaces and that distinctive glassy, grey-green-blue-mauve stinking, filthy water.
this is beyond stunning Julian: the light, the atmosphere... it has left me quite speeechless
I like the metaphysical reflection in (on?) the unfathomable dark water.At the same level than the signature...I like also the weird sign at the top of the doorway.As mysterious as chakras symbols.Power of colors and lines: a "Spirit-painting".
This image is mysterious. Who comes here? When? What are they doing or planning to do. I think this painting may relate to the novel you are reading, Julian.
I always am amazed at your work. But I have a side line question. I am having much difficulty photographing charity in my work. Your work is always perfectly in focus and color. What camera and lens do you use, if I may ask.
Julian, Awesome! I love the play of light. That is one incredible painting!
LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!