daily painting titled Whisky and white tulip

Whisky and white tulip

18cm x 14cm (approx. 7"x5½"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 3 January, 2013
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Love it. A perfect cocktail. Fanny
I'll toast to that!
Great Julian!
Here's to you for another great year of painting!
Hi Julian The perfect combination for your dleightful composition. I've already noticed that the light lasts a little longer, By January 30, it will be light until 6pm here in Toronto. Louis would love the snow we have now. Adults and children were barreling down a long hill near us. In the subway snow-soaked children and adults went home to warmth. It's great to be able go on the subway to a place where you can sled on a long hill that takes you on a long run into a clear space in the valley.
...."delightful" and I haven't had any whiskey.
Every time I think you couldn't do a more masterful painting, you achieve an even higher level! I especially love the colors you caught in the glass and whiskey. Great!
Yes here's to lengthening days, personally can't drink whiskey (make me crazy) , now I take too much medication anyway!! I love the the glass though , you have a great touch my friend. If you want to see snow come to Bancroft , we will share!!
I'll drink to that and a Happy New Year to you as well. Absolutely wonderful painting and oh how I would love to have a print of that but I cannot find the time to play with the auction so I am just keeping all the paintings I love on a cd so I can review them at my leisure. It is so exciting as the days are getting longer already. Does so much for the spirits. Thank you for the wonderful works. I love them.
Sunlight caught on canvas. Delicious application, composition, placement of subject, pleasure in every part of it. Thank you
Yes. A toast to a new year of all the things we've learned to share with you.
That is a toast that makes may very happy! Happy New Year to you Jullian!
and a Happy New Year to you, sir! Have enjoyed your paintings every day. Whiskey color is perfect, which whiskey was it? HA!
Great color and brushwork on the reflections in glass and in the whiskey. Hope it was single malt. cheers to a productive and creative 2013. georgia
I've just signed up to receive a painting in my mailbox. I love your paintings and am inspired to paint myself. So thanks and here's to a great year for you!
Dear Julian, feels as if one could pick that tumbler of whisky right out of the picture,lovely reflections and shadows.It says "drink me", very assertively.The white tulip snuggles up,tenderly. Longing to see some cheese one day?! With blue veins! Have a great 2013, cant wait to see all the superb little oils to come, judging by last year we are all in for a treat. Anna.
So incredibly lovely! It does my soul good!
A toast indeed...to another Spring Lovely painting, beautiful subtle colours
Wow! that's the best example of 'glass painting' that I've seen for a long time, the way that you have captured the lovely golden reflections of the whisky and the white from the flower is absolute perfection so, slainte, and a happy new year.
Beautifully done, such softness!