daily painting titled Daffodils


18cm x 11cm (approx. 7"x4"), oil on panel Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 18 March, 2012
Posted in Flower paintings


Lovely sign of Spring...and a lovely painting!
The narrow focus on the strong yellow of the jonquils allows the viewer to enjoy the shape and the vibrant yellows of the flowers.
love it....you have really caught the difference between jonquils and daffodils....and the composition is perky just as the flowers are. thanks. gfs
Love the eagerness of the lower right daffodil - soo touching
I don't know which to enter except to say how lovely those miniature daffs are - Remember walking through them one day when returning to Crillon La Brave Oh, Happy Days
As lively but fragile as yellow butterflies!
How imaginative of you to enhance the flowers with the complementary purple. Wow. This has solved a problem for me. Thank you. Elinor
Good morning, Spring! Thanks, Julian.