daily painting titled Approaching Rain

Approaching Rain

16cm x 13cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 8 June, 2008
Posted in Landscape paintings


You have a huge talent. Nice creative piece with the sky spilling down on the landscape. It may spoil a picnic, but not a painting. I enjoy your site.
Totally agree with Glen. You are a consistently amazing painter Julian. This is a beautiful landscape.
Hi Julian You have captured the colours of a summer storm in a very atmospheric painting. Barbara M
Hi Julian another masterpiece! The brushstrokes are great.
Great painting with a very nice quote!
Can feel the rain already!!! So nice!!!
Absolutely fantastic. I love that mist overlaying the central distance. Just crave these atmospheric moments myself. Julian, you just stop me in my tracks with so many ooh ahh moments it is ridiculous. Hope all is well there for you and yours. Thanks once again.
Hi there, it's nice to be back. If it wasn't for the trees. It could have been a Shetland landscape, well almost ! Nice work, again. I look forward to the next creation. Thanks
I love it Julian!!
Wow. J this is just lovely ...Bx
The colors in the turbulence are magnificent!
Am so disappointed to have missed the bidding on this one! Just love it.
I second all the above. You stop me in my tracks, too. Just can't wait to see what arrives each day. Thanks again and again.
Julian, you have created skies in these last paintings that are magical. Wow, I am stunned, can't stop looking at it. Félicitè.