daily painting titled Spring track

Spring track

17cm x 12cm, oil on panel Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 25 March, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


Pink and that beautiful cerulean blue together say spring!
Your Lighting is exquisite !
I agree with Alain. I love the way that the sky is painted so that the colour goes from the intense blue to blue/green to pink with touches of yellow; this is a perfect counterpoint to the landscape where the colours go from a blue/purple with touches of pink to green, gold, cream with pink and yellow and green. Prominent on the left edge of the painting is the white and pink that is on the branches of the cherry tree. Of course the landscape can also be read from bottom, the lower edge of the painting, up to the lower edge of the sky. The landscape is takes up about one-third of the space in the canvas. This is another symphony of colour, both vibrant and delicate.
Oh, Julian, now you're hurting me. This scene is just too luminous. Not just the cherry blossoms on that wild and crazy tree, but the grasses and the track. Here in NY the magnolias down in the garden next to my apartment building already have pink buds on them, but this week there was also snow and hail, to nip them, as they say, in the bud....
Our cherry trees are a long way off here in western Massachusetts. Nice to see what we have coming one month. Love receiving your paintings every day. It's a bright spot in my busy day. Thank you very much and have a great weekend.
How do you do it? The painting is so impressive, but done in one day? I have begun drawing on my iPhone and posting the "Drawings du Jour" on Facebook. But you are WAY out of my league! Keep bringing your beautiful vision into the world!
Our fruit trees are on the same cusp - just bursting to bloom. How you manage to create such delicious paintings day after day is simply beyond me, but I can feel the sun on my back and the undulating path as I walk into this painting. Thank you again.
Hi Julian, some thing are worth waiting, in the meantime thank you for sharing the beauty. Mariano
Ahhh...to paint then eat! How marvelous...
Impressive how you can suggest the movemement in a fixed picture!This volcanic blossoming along a serene path shows,magically,rhe power of Nature in its orgasmic side.