daily painting titled Summer Afternoon, Drôme Provençal

Summer Afternoon, Drôme Provençal

21cm x 13cm (8¼"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 5 August, 2008
Posted in Landscape paintings



Wonderful! Simply Wonderful! I feel as though I am standing there and can smell the air! Your work is always a delight - thanks for sharing it with all of us.

greetings provence...i hear you are having quite the heat wave...beats may of rain storms? your painting is as always a lovely discription of where you are right now...i can almost feel the heat rising from the field...you have a way of capturing a moment, bravo

You've done it again; this is so evocative. It almost feels as if I could step into that field. Thanks for another wonderful work.

What a delight to receive a snapshot of what summer should be like on a rainy morning here... Think I need a holiday somewhere sunny!

Oh, the gold! So sunny and warm, and just beautiful.

Ah, you've captured the distant mountains so well, with such ease. Wonderful!

Please forgive me for asking a technical question, but I'm trying to paint the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina in the US, and I struggle with lightening and graying the mountains to make them recede, but not making them so bright they pop forward in space. Please, give me a hint or two to create this depth in a landscape!

Many thanks!!