daily painting titled Clementine


15cm x 18cm (6"x7"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 4 November, 2009
Posted in Still life paintings


you really nailed this one--colors, light, shadow, gradual background. Absolutely luminous. thank you.
Love the push and pull in this one. Those hard and soft edges, perfect!
It's a portrait, as a Spanish old master would paint.
I love the complimentary blue "aura" around the clementine. It makes the orange sing...chanson d'amour.....tra la la la!
Magnificently mouthwatering... I'm a flower fanatic and this brings me to a new found fondness of fruit. I always look forward to your postcards Julian and wonder if your wrist ever tires, please say no. Thank you for sharing. :-)
Beautiful...I feel as though I could reach in and pick it up.
Thank you for the clementine .... it was delicious!
Such rich colors, this clemetine is so simple and so complex. I love the blue reflection on the shady side and the reflection on the rind. Could you post a reply about what kind of box you use to paint with? Just curious. I just got a pretty little handmade pochade and I'm in love.
I use a pochard box for plein aire but this was painted on my big studio easel, the clementine is on a shelf just below eye level, and I blank off light spill with pieces of material so it looks like a little stage. This was an evening painting painted under photographic floods and finished about ten minutes before I posted it.
That little spot of blue on the left really made the clementine sing! Always enjoy seeing your paintings. Paint on!
Julian.........this is DIVINE.
The touch of blue in this painting echoes the touch of blue in the nasturtium painting on the rim of the cup (previous). The process of the artist interests me in both paintings. Unfortunatley, the clementines I purchased yesterday do not look a appetizing as yours.
This is really stunning, Julian!
another sensual piece of fruit or is it just in my mind? am really beginning to like the color orange painted by julian...thanks as always. gfs
Is this still available for purchase? I LOVE this one