daily painting titled Cut Tomato on a Gold Rimmed Saucer

Cut Tomato on a Gold Rimmed Saucer

13cm x 14cm (5"x5.5"), oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 26 March, 2007
Posted in Still life paintings


Grroooaaannn! I adore tomatoes, but will only eat them in August in the US or most of the year in Provence. This painting picks up all of the qualities of a REAL tomato, and I appreciate how the little gold rim echoes the gold circle in one of those French knives that I like so much. A real tomato, a real knife, a real painting. Quelle merveille!

Julian, please can you tell me how long each day you spend painting as you have really producing so many gems lately. I am a writer and cram a few hours in a day...but I wonder how I compare with you?

Julian, This painting is marvelous!! You captured the light so well and the tomatoe looks wickedly scrumptous. What colors do you use on your palette and what brands do you like?


Julian this painting really wowed me. In my opinion it is perfect in composition. The juiciness of the tomato and the sharp edge of the knife are masterful. Beautiful!

Intense, succulent, fabulous!!!!
Just gorgeous, maestro you have done it again!

The little gold rim plate! I remember two figs sitting on it sometime ago. That was a great painting - as is this one...

ever thought about a greek salad

My comment left yesterday appearantly got lost. So I'll just say, Great painting.

I was lucky enough to win those figs a while back and this would be a perfect match.

Luscious! A taste of summer pleasures. I, too, remember the figs on that plate, and tried to win that auction (Eric Shapiro, you lucky person).

Very lovely....

can't wait to see the actual painting. thanks julian, for all your images. i'm certain that living with this one will be a joy. nora

Amazing Julian. You have captured something ordinary and made it beautiful. Certainly your talent. Thank you.