daily painting titled Sunlight on the Grand Canal

Sunlight on the Grand Canal

13cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 29 October, 2013
Posted in Paintings of Venice


Dear Julian, a fresh take on the Canalazzo and the stones of Venice! Shimmering, glittering and twinkling, a glassy light, lovely, but seems chilly and damp with a pale autumn sun! Anna.
(1783, on the Grand Canal...) The light is so blinding today. Sparkling Tuesday...The black mooring posts obstinately try to wedge bubbles of white ligth against the wall of the Palace... - Please, Dear Viscountess, our gondola is ready! - All right I come. But I have to check once more my make-up and the position of my wig, dear husband! - We-are-in-hurry, Luisa, the wedding begins at 4 p.m.! - O la la I know I know. Don't be so anxious my dear husband. You are like all the men of the world when it comes to marrying your daughter! - And you, my dear spouse,you are like all the women of the world, when you... - Watch yourself and be careful what you will say!" What a wonderful day.
That "sparkle" on the water shouldn't work...but it DOES! This rocks.
Just damn good.
The water is superb but what really catches my eye once I've absorbed the water is your use of reds and blacks. Fascinating!!!thanks as always.
Love this conversation.... just perfection for La Serenissima. As usual, I thank you for sharing your insight and imagination with us. Isn't it just magical what happens when Julian paints in Venice?
You always capture the true essence of your surroundings. It' as if I'm there!
Thanks Julian for sharing. I love all your Venice paintings.. Beautiful !
Love the buttery paint strokes and view; Can feel the damp.. ...love Ken Howard too. Said always draw with a paint-brush.. I do try
Bootiful - Magic light in magical Venice. Hope the pasta is till going down well!
absolutely brilliant Julian, you are such a good painter and an inspiration to me????
I see the ken Howard influence, but it's still you Julian. The lovely colours, and the yummy Buttery paint strokes. What a joy! Thank You.
Oh yes,Julian brings to mind Ken Howard,but the big difference is that Julian has a more sensual relationship with nature.And more metaphysical.I didn't know Ken Howard lively paintings before; a virtuoso.Thanks to Helen Burdett.