daily painting titled A lemon on my easel

A lemon on my easel

15cm x 11cm (6"x4½"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 23 August, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


Julian, this one is wonderful and puts us right in your studio! By the way, this may seem silly but I am glad to see the number back. Although Lucy announced to the family that "Julian has done 1 million 7 hundred 78 paintings, that you are approaching 1800 daily paintings is incredible! Worth a daily celebration!
That is so simple and so elegant. How do you think it up?
Ah, the shy lemon, sunning itself (how else can he keep his color?) by a blue lake, down from a wooded hillside, and willows peeking from the upper left.
An exquisite alchemy of dashes and lines.A modern Vermeer.
Love the old paint next to the perfect lemon. :)
Echoing what others have already said, I love the idea of copying accidental but real brush strokes, streaks, etc. in addition to the lemon, an intriguing juxtaposition, which you have done quite nicely before.
Looks fabulous flipped upside down so the artists initials are 'SWL'. A strange object in an imaginary landscape. Looks pretty good the right way up too!
My favorite Julian lemon painting so far. Love the interplay of colors and subject matter.
Bravo! Fresh, incentive, original and very well painted.
This is my favourite so far of all your paintings that I have seen. It is so interesting and amusing at the same time and very beautifully done.
Julian, loved the lemon painting, greatly enjoyed the upper and lower color bands and what looks like, under the lemon, parts of your palatte colors. Very delicious lemon portrait. I truly loved the image. cheers to you and Ruth, geo
Great, Julian! It's funny how thoughts materialize for subject matter. Artists see potential paintings everywhere, and this is a fresh and lively painting. I love the blue and yellow combination, as I fell in love with Vermeer's work when I was 6 yrs. old.