daily painting titled The bay of Marseille from la Redonne

The bay of Marseille from la Redonne

20cmx 14cm, oil on board
Daily painting for Sunday 18 June, 2017
Posted in Marine paintings


Really beautiful work! Thank you for sharing.

Unusual but so fascinating. Thank you, Julian. I am a tree lover.

I am there. I know exactly what that day feels and smells like. Thank you for the beautiful reminder on a cold, cloudy Vancouver June day.

Julian, there is nothing quite like seeing the blue sea through these gnarly trees. You have touched memories today. Thanks

Beautiful! Really interesting composition. I love how daring you can be!
Do you get fans you have not yet met try to come and visit you?
I plan to be in France this summer, in the north but if there was a possibility to paint down there, I'd take it in a heart beat.

Best Regards,


Lovely spirit to the strokes - enhancing the speed of the boat. Bravo!