daily painting titled Self portrait

Self portrait

13cm x 19cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 1 July, 2014
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A masterpiece but... I am worried!
I agree with Alain Indeed a masterpiece but I am worried too....Are you projecting here??
It's your summer cut! Wonderful composition, great color and sketching.
Correct John!
Still a great painting!
reminds me a song bij C S N & Y : I almost cut my hair....?!
Sigh of relief.
a summer cut, how lovely every brush mark, a gem
Gosh! Bit extreme - cool though ! Great skin tones. . . .
When my husband does that he hears from me! Yikes! But, as usual, love to see anything you paint. xo
I think it looks very good! But what will Ruth say when she gets back? :)
She's going to kill you!
When I saw you in reality I thought this must be the son of the painter Julian who sometimes paints himself.....
Next time hand the scissors to Louis!
Wonderful portrait! I'm not so crazy about the hairdo (or lack thereof!) but I hope it brings you more comfort this summer.
A hipster from Provence. Looks good Ron
My husband and four sons always did summer cuts like that. Hope you are comfy. As always, a great self-portrait!
A great hair cut for summer
I like it, but then I am bald all the time! Much better in the summer. Watch out for the sun though, you've lost SP 50. The painting is wonderful, your head like a a gleaming calabash, and the glimmer of your nearer eye so subtle and expressive. Makes me want to get a haircut.
Hi Julian! I think you're lookin good....but the painting is stunning!
Lol! What a perfect way to commemorate your new look, with a self-portrait! Looks great, Stylishly hip. (..Maybe paint Ruth a nice vase of flowers for when she returns?)
now you look like me!
Oh my gosh Julian - that beautiful hair, noooooo! I actually like it, the cut and especially the painting, but I think Ruth might kill you when she gets back from her trip. ;)
I love all your self-portraits...even if you're nude! :0) Anita
I am so glad you sent this ahead of the July workshops so that we will recognize you! :-) hugs, -Gina
Does Louis know you?
Hi Julian , thanks that brought such a great smile. You look all right mate but watch the sun!! Thanks Craig
Really love it! Was at the Met today and got to see the brush stroke of Frans Hal And thought of you , how free you are !
Wonderful painting, and prob much cooler for you!
well done !
Done the same myself(every summer)lovin your output at the moment & that's exactly how i would try to do my own selfie !! Need to come down for one of your courses!! Thanks for the continued inspiration JMS (:-))
Hi Julian, Loving the 'new do' and looking forward to the July 19-26 workshop - love your self portraits but this one cracked me up.
Being left on one's own allows for little acts of independance !
I don't know what you look like , but I like the heart over your left temple - perhaps the remains of a kiss? And I love the countless countenances playing in your head - a woman, a child , a dog and now and then other almost focusable folks... And the hearts cascading like flower petals from the one at your crown to the heart at your frown wearied with brown showing the evolution of a loving thought. And that is just the beginning of what I see in this self portrait.
That left eye is the most stunning bit of genius in the painting - feels as if you're master of all you observe - and your observations are, as we all know, spot-on. Brilliant work. Enjoy the coolness and freedom of the haircut!