daily painting titled Bottled clementines and a croissant

Bottled clementines and a croissant

14cm x 16cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 19 September, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Very lovely. Again, I like the complimentary colors, and I especially think you did a great job on the croissant!
Beautiful clementines from Jouvard's but were THEIR cakes any finer than yours and Louis'? LOL. Love ALL of the painting.
Nice colours. I think I see a person's face in the croissant.
Delicious! And the best kind of still-life, in that you can enjoy eating it afterwards:)
Dear Julian, another beauty, wonderful colours, the sparkling glass,the richly glowing amber fruits,set against the classic still life earth brown of the background, superb.Not forgetting the half nibbled croissant, so flaky against the hard surface of the glass. Reminds me of coming across a dusty old epicerie in Apt,aeons ago. A not very chic establishment(like your fantastic La Maison Jouvaud) but stocked to the rafters with stuff you never saw in England then, miel de lavande, whole apricot, fig, mulberry, white and red currants, myrtille......heavy baggage, yes. Anna.
Wonderful! I love the coldness of the glass and the warmth of the color! PS: Did you and Louis just bake cakes? Just saying!
Dear Julian ~ So amazing...I always try to figure out how you do it but am completely mesmerized by these "bottled clementines". So rich and delicious looking and I just know the juice is thick and syrupy. Maybe some dark chocolate on the side. Thanks...everyday.