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The Painters at Les Couguieux

The painters came to our home at les Couguieux for the first time! I was having a massage in my practice room while our group painted the poppy field at the bottom of the road. Some came in to our house for a pee or for a cup of freshly ground coffee from our slightly leaky Pavoni machine, or homemade (by Louis and I) elderflower cordial. Though the Madelene is, of course, incredible, it was lovely to have our group here at our home! Then, this morning, one of our three days off before the next week kicks in, Julian went back to the same site to paint, and Louis and I did some work alongside, making a house with an inner floral courtyard. Let's hope the poppies grow here every year!


I hope you are able to get some respite before the next workshop! What wonderful pictures of the poppies and painters at your home!

I'm eagerly looking forward to being there in July!

Best wishes, Dorothy

I dream of the day when I am attending one of your workshops. For now I'll dart outside on the central coast of California and paint our California poppies. :)

Jet lagged but joyous from having spent one fantastic week with you guys! Can't thank you enough for the excellent instruction, entertainment and warm friendship. Again, I found the whole experience to be flawless - truly. Felt to be in the presence of greatness (aw, shucks)! Hey, Julian, what's the name of the guy who makes the boxes? Gotta' have one.
Again, so many thanks for your extraordinary generosity.
Big love,

I too dream of the day when I can join you! Your paintings and posts inspire me every day. Thank you Julian!

Looking forward to painting with you in July!
Amazing to see the profusion of poppies ? wow!!

Dear Julian and Ruth
I'm enjoying so much seeing your workshop photos although it's a bitter sweet experience for me. I paid my deposit for the May class this year as my husband and I were planning to visit Provence and i have long wished to go to your workshop. Sadly he passed away September last year so I was unable to come without him, too sad for me. I think he would love me to still go to the workshop as he was so keen for me to do so, you may see me in the near future.
Happy workshopping
Chris Harvison

Fantastic week! Such a privilege to paint with you Julian, and appreciate all of Ruth's support.

So glad the mountains are blue!!

Thanks so much for the time of my life Julian, Ruth and Louie. Still in withdrawal from the fabulous instruction, great company, beautiful surroundings and great food! My paintings will all be better from studying with Julian, several are sold already, plus one I did at the beach when we returned. You couldn't have been better hosts. A couple of my friends want to come next year. Much love, Kathy Bockelman

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