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The autumn crop


We are starting our preparations for the autumn group. I have to admit it is far preferable gessoing boards in this golden light to under the crazy July sun. While I work I am listening to Schubert symphonies played by the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, conducted by Claudio Abbado - a recording I am privileged to be on, made when I was 19. I am picking grapes from our first crop over the terrace, and feeling slightly melancholic and wistful about my glamorous (and long gone) days of touring with this sublime band. It is 25 degrees, the tinges of scarlet are hitting the tips of the cherry trees, the lime leaves are starting to glow...all in all a very September-ish vibe!

The 2014 dates have been released and we are almost booked up for the first July workshop. Looks like I will have to make an effort to find some time for my cello next year. Board gessoing assistant needed....

Ah, the autumn group will be there soon...so looking forward...Leon

Dear Ruth,a touch of nostalgia tinged with melancholia can be quite enjoyable,especially in the golden glow of a Provencal afternoon!

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