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A title to the photo: " Little Louis,(his papa) and the wonderful women".

what a lovely group! i can't wait to see the paintings, i hope there will be photos up on the gallery. it looks like it was perfect time for all.

I just spent the most wonderful weekend reading your book 'Cherries from Chauvet's Orchard,' which I came across quite by a serendipitous accident. Thank-you, thank-you for transporting me into your world. I am glad to see that you are giving art workshops. I can't attend this year, but who knows maybe serendipity will bring me next year. I think that you should write a cooking book with some of your wonderful recipes and Julian's art. All the Best! Patricia

Dear Julian and Ruth, take a well earned break!
The organising and the responsibilities (and interruption of the painters daily routine) must take their toll, even in sunny Provence.
There are many painting workshops in the south of France, but here I think you have created something unique. Well done!!

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