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Your Chef in July

For those of you coming in July you are in for a treat. Let me introduce our friend and ex-neighbour (and if you have read 'Cherries from Chauvet's Orchard', you will already know her from her Quince tagine) and your chef for the week, Nadine. Nadine has been doing Tables d'Hôtes for years. She is 100 percent Provençale but widely travelled, and committed to using only local and if possible organic ingredients. Usually, if there is a meat dish, Nadine knows the people who raised the animal. Her vegetables all come from a local farm. We know the smells and tastes of Nadine's cuisine well from our years as neighbours and friends, and we are very excited that you are going to experience her wonderful regional kitchen. 

Nadine popped round yesterday with a pot of honey from her own bees and her home made cailllette for us to try. Here are couple of the menus she is proposing. Lick your lips in anticipation...

Menu one

  • Aperitif et sa garniture provençal
  • Bouillabaisse (Typical Provençal fish stew)
  • Fromage de chèvre avec meil
  • Tarte aux citrons meringués

Menu Two

  • Aperitif - feuilletés aux anchois et olives de nyons
  • Gardiane de taureau
  • Gratin dauphinaois à la crème d’ail
  • Salade fromage de chevre
  • Peches rafraichis

To accompany your tasting journey, we are sourcing our favourite wines from Mourchon, Saint Cosme, Goubert, and Chateau des Tours.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Looking forward to the culinary extravaganza in July! Counting the days...
Thank you in advance for all you do for us!


The menu sounds inspired! I am especially looking forward to the bouillabaisse. Can't wait to be there. Who is that adorable puppy Nadine is holding? Hope to meet him too!

The photo is a little dated, that dog is now the size of a small bull!

Julian & Ruth,I am reading 'Cherries from Chauvet's Orchard'- up to Approaching Rain; trust all fixed. Just looked at your 2 yrs of workshops above. Feel as though I have now been there. NZ is a long way from you - degree in Eng. in ceramics - still kept on drawing (while maintaining drawing & painting as a record saw some work from Susan Caulton who came from here to you once I believe. Was near you with Barbara Robinson (connection) in 2012. Painting mainly in oils but need stimulus - my lazy self is simply enjoying your plein air environment just now. I use a good view from my window constantly. Must finish your book! I may be in contact again (2015?)thank you.

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