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The Autumn workshop, day one.
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The Autumn workshops are in full swing. Two magic moments, one over lunch with Louis' still life demo and the other at the end of the day when the paintings appear. Extra special this time with a board brimming with painting jewels.




Julian's demo

Linda and the olive trees

And a fine reward.
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Bonjour, Louis,
Quand je regarde ton tableau sur la photo, il me fait penser aux tableaux du grand peintre Soulages. Demande � ton papa de t'emmener visiter son mus�e � Rodez (Aveyron); c'est ferm� le lundi. Tu seras impressionn� et int�ress�. Ses tableaux sont immenses. J'adore ta fa�on �l�gante de tenir ton pinceau!

Alain Cordier

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