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It's unseasonally cool and raining. The forecast for next week—our first painting holiday — is sun, cloud and scattered showers. Ouch. I had the bizarrest supermarket shop ever (24 rolls of paper towels, vats of white spirit, water bottles, sunflower oil for hand cleaning, camping stools, freezer bags for paints...). I met Sally there and had we a surreal conversation in the baby aisle about the oillest wipes for painters (agreed in principal - huggies flesh coloured packet with shea butter)...

Still raining four hours later when I returned home. Tomorrow we pick up the minibuses. Many of our guests are already in Provence. We'll have to paint in macintoshes and live on good humour and good wine I think! 'Courage' as they say here and Bon Voyage to all of you making your way!

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