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We did it!

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We did it!
Today I vowed I would ignore all the chaos at home and RELAX! I went to the market and tried not to rush through it. I even said hello to a few people without making excuses. Then I swam for an hour, made up a picnic lunch (gaspacho - made up from the two tour de France party salads - pain vigneron and fresh goat's cheese from the Bedoin market and a local rosé...), and drove to Sault to deliver to Julian painting in the lavender. Then he did a second painting while I read to him. The workshoppers are teaching us how to live our own life! Thank you all so much for all your liveliness, warmth, humour, tolerance and generosity!


Congratulations, Ruth and Julian! All the photos of the July group look so great, and no one has a coat on or an umbrella to keep out the rain. And I'll bet they learned a lot too! - Bobbi

The workshops look like a blast!
I love seeing the photographs of Ruth, Louis, Julian working and the workshop guests not to mention the beautiful countryside! I hope to be able to make this trip sometime.

Best wishes,
Mary Anne from Berkeley

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