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There are some heart-warming words coming in from group number one. To us - two novices doing their workshop début- they couldn't mean more. Thank you all!

“We of the first group of Julian/Ruth workshop painters salute you! and wish you bonne chance et bonne journée.

We had such an awesome time painting here in spite of crazy weather! We learned so much, made great friends, ate amazing food and fell in love with Louis (and Julian, Ruth, Jude, Philip and Sally!) this has been an experience I will cherish always!

Au revoir mes amis!”


“ second Dorothy's sentiments. We couldn't have had a better group. We couldn't have had better hosts, accommodations, food or wine. We couldn't have had a more beautiful and varied place to paint without ever leaving La Madelene. And most of all Ruth and Julian, you couldn't have planned a more incredible experience for all of us. An amazing feat! I'm sure the rest of Group #1 will join me in saluting you as our intrepid 'leaders' and now our very good friends. Thank you for everything.

Group #2 you will have literally the time of your lives. Carry on - show us your stuff and lift un verre de vin to Group #! We'll be thinking of you in Paradise..

I'm having serious withdrawal…a liverwurst sandwich for lunch just doesn't cut it!”


“ Just to add to the many thanks for a lifetime experience - I'm feeling now that I should have attended the 'Anxiety / Separation from Paradise Therapy Group' the last night at la Madelene - I'm sure missing the place and all the folks involved. Group 2, you are in for an incredibly good time!”


“My experience from painting group #1: having suffered from severe green-phobia (painting variety)... what happens: now trees invite me in such a charming way. Thank you Julian!

Also many warm thoughts to all in the group, we had such a wonderful elevating time together!

Thank you for live music and fantastic food!

It is a nice feeling to miss you - it opens up something enchanting which is there as a companion with me!”


“I just want to say to the new group, that I hope you are having as wonderful an experience as we did in group one. With Julian's instruction, Ruth's organization, and their good humor and just plain fantasticness; Jude and Philip and their fabulous Madelene (not to mention the food and the wine!!!), how can you go wrong? And I hope that your group contains people like the wonderful friends I made last week. I'm just sorry you won't get to see as much of Sally as we did, she is a treat to know.”


"What more can be added. I can only endorse everything that has already been said. It was was my first experience of a painting workshop and I really hit the jackpot. I had the great pleasure of meeting you and a most incredible group of people. Artists dedicated to expressing themselves in paint, generous with their encouragement and so inspiring. So much laughter. Who could have thought that I would stand for three hours in the cold, feet numb, totally engrossed in painting a field of poppies. It is not too much to say that the magic week at La Madelene has changed my life. I cannot stop thinking about it and all of you. Thank you to EVERBODY."


"Thank you so much for ALL the generous gifts! The fabulous food and wine, the laughs, the music, La Madelene, and most appreciatively - all the fabulous moments we spent together!! Everyone contributed in such wonderful ways, and I feel so very, very lucky to have been a part of all of that with you!!  ...and I feel honored to be a part of all of your lives. It is SO FUN to keep up on the current class and see all the amazing things they are doing as well. My heart and love and gratefulness goes out to each and everyone one of you."


"Thank you for an amazing and memorable experience. It was such an honor to watch Julian paint and to learn from him in such a glorious setting. I have so many wonderful memories to reflect upon--the people, the music, the food, and trying to paint as the winds howled! I guess we all earned our Plein Aire Painter's badge!
Also, thank you to Sally for her great advice and help. Suzanne and Bobbi, thanks for compiling the email addresses, and especially your upbeat and happy spirit. Janet and Jim, thank you for your music, which added another wonderful dimension to the experience. Janet, what a lovely and thoughtful thing to do for all of us--thank you for the gift of the peony---I will always look at Julian's peony with fond memories.
Best to all,
until we meet again under blue skies, surrounded by autumn foliage."


Having participated in the workshop in early June I can highly recommend attending the next painting workshops offered by Julian and Ruth. This painting is a remembrance of what you will find there to paint and much more. There are paintings in every view and it is little wonder that Julian and Ruth settled here to paint, play the cello, raise their family and enjoy their lives. Coupled with wonderful hospitality, food, wine and the company of other artists it was and is an great experience for all artists beginning or professional. If you are on this site reading this then you already know that Julian is a brilliant painter but do you know he is a very good dancer too!


...how life changing my experience in France was. I believe everyone has an inner voice to discover and nurture. I see the world differently since spending that wonderful, fateful week in Malaucene. You and Julian are both so giving, thoughtful and empowering. And it is so satisfying to be able to express myself in so few brushstrokes. I don't always get it right the first time, but when I can finish something like this, it makes me so happy!
I still have so much to learn, so many hours to log practicing what I learned there.

Janet and Jim

Every lesson of the trip was valuable and will certainly be carried forward. Learnings weren't limited to painting though... the warmth and openness of literally everyone involved was inspiring. Congratulations. You've set a unimaginably high bar with my first workshop experience.


While I have been languishing here in London I am still able to bask in
the warmth and reflected glory of the magical week spent in your

I can only reiterate and endorse every one's sentiments regarding the
week at La Madelene. I cannot imagine, apart from the weather, how the
week could have been improved. I feel I learnt so much just by osmosis
and can't wait to get home and start putting my observations into
was so generous with their encouragement and help and the
sense of family that was so instantly created from day one just meant
for a thoroughly relaxed and fun filled week.It is hard to imagine a
more congenial or cohesive group!

You thought of everything Ruth and Julian to make this the perfect
plein air experience and the generous gifting of yourselves to us in
such a complete way, meant so much.

Thank you to Jude and Philip for being extraordinary hosts in every sense of the
word, to Sally for her encouragement, to Julian for those
inspirational demo's and helpful instruction, to Jim and Janet, Jens
and Ruth for their music and to everyone else for the fun and
friendships forged through this unforgettable and life changing


If you want to be immersed in creativity and kindness, sign up and spend a week painting in Provence with Julian! You'll never forget it.


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