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Last few days of prep

burnt sienna.jpg
A creche day at last, so there is no Louis, and there is sunshine, and Julian is out checking out venues for your easels, and there is jazz on the ipod, and I have painted a coat of burnt sienna on to 50 of the 400 or so gessoed boards. (That is we can say 'Here's one I prepared earlier' - a joke mostly for the English amongst you I believe...). Now, since I am unlikely to have time to look after my veg patch in the coming weeks, I am going to plant my tomatoes!


Louis is no longer an enfant- he's a BIG BOY! It happened so fast!

What a great idea to photo/blog your painting adventure.
Putting on a course like this is details and more details. The first time is harrowing. It's a learning experience all around. I know you will do wonderfully well. The poppies will bloom and everyone will have precious memories of all kinds at the end.
Sure wish I were there, and sending you all the best,

Way to go, Ruth!

Wow! Louis is growing so fast! It seems only last year you shared baby photos of him! :)
Thank you, Ruth, for sharing your view and experience of yours, Julian's, and Louis' many adventures. You are all so creative, courageous, optimistic and inspiring :) I purchased and loved your "Cherries from Chauvet's Orchard" and would enthusiastically buy your next book should you decide to share! In the meantime, I'm certain "the troops" will have a fabulous time, and I'm sending green, growing thoughts for your veg garden :)

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