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The October painters painted all day in the rain. They were such a wonderful group I thought it only right they should have a bit of Bach with their fire-lit apéro on the last night. Bon voyage everyone!

cello mad.jpg


This wonderful photo of you,Ruth,reminds me of the "Woman in blue reading a letter" by Vermeer!The same concentration!

Aw, man! Ruth, I'm so jealous right now - the autumn colors AND Bach? No fair - my dreamy imaginings pre-July included the sounds of a private cello serenade floating through the violet atmosphere of Provence - I told everyone about the possibility as if it were guaranteed. Perhaps we ran you ragged that week, not me of course but the other 11. ;) Next time I want my Ruth concert! ?
Love to you, Julian and Louis. Also Melanie and Nadine.
Great pics from the first ever October group - well done, all!

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