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The dark irises have finished but the pale irises - shown here at the Madelene where everyone is staying - should be here to welcome everyone on Saturday, albeit in the rain. I think this is my favourite perfume in the world. I was saying to Jude that I was surprised no-one had bottled it up yet and she said that Liberty's of London had. I tried adding one to my shopping cart. £138. hmmmm. I think I'll just sniff them in the wild instead.


How lovely to have a blog back again - I'm working my way through the back numbers of 'Meanwhile' and loved 'Cherries...'.

Good luck.

Your living biography is is interesting. Would love to see your picture, Ruth.
Julian's art is a daily treat.

Receiving Julian's daily paintings for years now has been a wonderful treat. I love France and am transported to some favorite memories when I see the seasons change in France through the paintings.
Now I will read with envy the daily activities of Julian's students. Please keep up the blog, if possible. It adds another dimension to the French experience.

Hope the weather improves and you have a great week!

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